Many organizations struggle with consistent management of their operations. Finding qualified individuals to devote the time needed to growing a program is a big concern for many not for profit and for profit organizations.  FCM Network provides management services for all types of organizations.  We have a vested interest in growing your program, and best of all, we will not leave you for the next opportunity that may be more beneficial to our careers.  Our network will be there for your journey and to share in your results.


Organizations from time to time require a fresh new outlook and recommendations to charter a new course for their cause or service.  Our audit service focuses on our clients’ most critical concerns and opportunities in strategy, fundraising, business development, marketing, organization, technology and leadership across all key industries and special interest groups.  FCM Network is driven to bring our clients solutions that work and garner direct short and long term sustainable solutions. 


Income levels are widening at a steady pace with each passing year.  Families with means are more inclined to help more than ever before in the world’s history.   Through effective philanthropic guidance, we work with high net worth individuals who have an inclination to help with a social issue, on how best to support projects that will garner results to meet a societal gap.  We provide clients with assistance in setting a donor giving strategy that works. 


Sales, Fundraising, Investment, Sponsorship and Business Development are the fuel of an organization.  Often organizations spend enormous amounts of time planning on how best to raise money, that they often forget to put their foot on the peddle and go!  Our networks of revenue generating experts, fundraisers, and business developers have accomplished great things in their respective careers and have helped many clients.   They are leaders in tactical strategies that work when dealing with donors or customers.   


Events are a critical component of any revenue driven program. If managed effectively with clear objective for the purpose of hosting an event; events can raise much needed revenue or investment while creating long lasting memories.  Our network is very strong in delivering events of all sizes.  We will work with you to establish an outcome that is creative, innovative and memorable. 


The world of marketing, communications, social media and branding is crucial to the success of any organization. We have assembled the greatest and most creative thinkers. Our colleagues have the knowledge and skill set to reinvigorate your cause or service.  Our networks are masters of their craft who work closely with clients to establish a narrative that produces activity. 

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